BluEarth® 109L

Trailer | Long Haul

We understand that your demand for long-haul trailer tires are more than just fuel-efficiency-you need tires that will stand up to the punishment common to deliveries in the real world. That's why we built the BluEarth® 109L: a super fuel-efficient trailer tire engineered to withstand the rigors of close quarters maneuvers.

BluEarth 109L tire
BluEarth 109L tire
BluEarth 109L tire
BluEarth 109L tire



All-New Advanced Stress Control Groove

A modified Stress Control Groove resists shoulder damage from sharp turns or accidental curbing.

Optimized Tread Pattern

The Innovative Tread Pattern resists scaling in lateral slides common in tight maneuvers.


Ultra-Durable Casing

Yokohama Casings are so tough, all sizes of the BluEarth 109L are backed by a 7-Year, Unlimited Retread Warranty.

State-Of-The-Art Compound

Our highly Advanced Compound resists wear and provides one of the lowest RRCs in the category.


Compact Tread Blocks

Compact Tread Blocks roll smoothly for greater fuel-efficiency, while the five-rib design assures superior traction.

Made In The USA

All sizes of the BluEarth 109L are proudly built in the USA.


BluEarth® 109L size and specs

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